Dining by Design, LLC

Hard Candy Lozenges, Lollipops, Toffees, Gummies, Oils and Tinctures. Also Infused Honey, Honey and Fruit and the most incredible Elderberry Syrup!  Super help during this Cold and Flu season!!

Have you ever heard of Loquats? How about Vitamin B-17?  Perhaps, you know about the many benefits associated with this lovely tree! Google it and then, feel free to order some Loquat Tincture directly from me! It takes one year to make!!

Ultimate Elderberry Syrup      8 oz / $15.00

750 mg. of CBD along with CAPSAICIN (extracted from Ghost Peppers) in one amazing Pain Relieving Salve !

2oz tin...$50.00

I have added CBD, Hemp & Natural Plant Terpenes to my Superfood ingredient list and received my certification from the Cannabis Training University! I have experience from the sprouting of the seed, growth and care of the plant, to my finished Artisan products,          ready for you and the marketplace!

Now I'm busy blending natural herbs, spices, oils and butters together to create delicious candies, tinctures and oils that really taste great!  My salve includes water soluble CBD and Capsaicin extracted from my home grown Ghost Peppers!!

Custom made Artisan candies, oils and botanical tinctures infused with your choice of Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBD!

Made to order!

CBD and Herbal Extracts infused into candy or tinctures to help with Pain, Sleep or Stress!

CBD Infused Honey & Turmeric Tincture - 300mg / $40.00

CBD Infused Elderberry Syrup  -  300mg / $40.00

CBD Infused Loquat Tincture - 300 mg / $50.00