Product List for 2022 

Most of the peppers used in my products are grown organically and right here on our mini farm!!


  For a savory selection: try my most popular - "12 - Pepper Jam"  -  Amazing!!  

Hostess Jam and Cheese Gift Set: 

 Includes: one 8 oz-jar of preserve or jam of your choice, with a special crusting mix that compliments the flavor of each jar, for adding a little crunch to your cheese of choice, (cream cheese, goat cheese, tofu or brie, all work great with these kits).

 A Recipe Card with instructions is included and all wrapped up in a bag with ribbons, ready to gift!

Choice of:  5-Berry & Ghost Pepper, Pineapple & Ghost Pepper, Chocolate, Cherry & Chili or my  Savory 12-Pepper Jam (with a crusting mix of hemp hearts and dehydrated vegetables)!!  YUM!!!

Price:  $15.00 each 

"Ghostly Good"  Pickled Garlic in Cabernet Vinegar (Natures Antibiotic)!! -  16-oz. jar  /   $10.00

Ghostly Good Himalayan Pink Salt & Sea Salt w/ Fresh Ghost Chili's,  in a grinder  -  5-oz.  /  $10.00

Ghostly Good "No Salt" All Purpose Seasoning (23 herbs & spices)  -  5-oz  /  $7.00

Ghostly Good Roasted & Spicy  Mixed Nuts  -  1/2 lb.  /  $10.00

(You can custom order the type of nuts that you prefer)​

Ghostly Good Rocky Road Fudge  -  1/2 lb. - $10.00

Now available!!  "Super Hot Ghost Pepper Lollipops!!  -  $5.00 each

Please order from the contact page by sending me an email.  That's the best way.

For my clients at the Farmers Markets, I will bring your selections and you can pick them up on the scheduled market day.  Shipping in the US is also available!

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